Wine Storage Locker Business Plan

Wine StorageAbstract: In California, a small wine merchant is making an extra $100,000 per year providing wine storage to his customers. In San Francisco, a successful wine retailer's second wine locker facility was sixty percent sold-out before it opened. An experienced, high profile Minneapolis wine seller has chosen not to enter the wine storage business because in Minnesota, "everyone has a basement." Is opening a wine storage facility a good idea for your company? From construction guidelines to financial and liability considerations to marketing, this document is designed to help you evaluate the feasibility of wine storage for your company.

This business plan outline will save you time and money, and will help you make smart choices, whether you are presently a wine industry or a storage industry professional, or are simply considering this dynamic growth segment of the wine industry. Learn through case studies how four experienced professionals have created successful wine storage businesses, and added customer value and significant passive income to their businesses.

Why Wine Storage?

Wine Industry

Secure Wine Storage According to the publication Wine Business Monthly, total wine sales in the US increased 4.4 % in 2003, "not at the rates the wine industry had previously taken for granted." Frankly, for independent retailers in markets with a new or increasing club store presence, a four percent increase may even have been a dream. Club stores like Sam's Club and Costco, and discount merchants like Trader Joe's and Cost Plus are causing independent retailers to re-evaluate their finances and take a hard look at their
options. In an era of increasing club store dominance and competition for sales, many independent retailers find themselves asking questions like these: How can I secure customer loyalty? How can I increase or even maintain my sales in an environment where I'm outspent and out-priced by industry giants like Wal-Mart? How can I stabilize my bottom line in a fluctuating economy? How can I increase my revenues without increasing my inventories or my payroll? For an increasing number of wine merchants, wine storage is the answer.

Storage Industry

If you are a storage professional, is wine storage for you? In a quest to differentiate themselves from their competition, fill unused space and maximize revenue per square foot, some creative storage facility owners and managers have begun to research adding specialty wine storage to their services. Through case studies with four distinctly different wine storage providers, we compare entering the wine storage service industry through the wine business and the storage business, and discuss the benefits and drawbacks of each.

In the Business Plan Outline, we provide insight into these important questions:

1. What services, and what storage and access conditions are important to my customers?

2. What design considerations should I bear in mind to minimize liability and utility costs while maintaining ideal storage conditions?

3. How do I cost effectively make the right people aware of my business?

4. What details should I include in my lease contracts?

Case Studies

A. Renegade Wines, Santa Barbara—Shooting From the Hip at Renegade. Profile: above ground, low overhead, small volume storage, lessee.

B. K&L Wines, San Francisco—Sleek, Urban Ergonomics: Three Times is a Charm for this experienced wine storage provider. Profile: above ground, multi-level access, lessee with option to buy.

C. Monterey Hi-Way Self-Storage/Depositario di Vino, Monterey, CA—Better Living Through Pharmaceuticals. Profile: multi-service provider converts pharmaceutical storage area to wine lockers and plans a luxury retreat for its wine storage clients. Above ground, property owner.

D. Binny's, Chicago, IL—If They Come, We Will Build It. Providing staging and storage at the wholesale, retail and consumer level in Chicago's urban environment. Profile: below ground, large volume, property owner.


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